Our Mission

As the burgeoning hemp industry overcomes outdated legislation and integrates more into the global economy, there is an ever-increasing demand for high-quality genetics. Agriculture and its associated industries are being redefined with the emergence of plant-based products, medicines, and materials as economically sustainable options to less viable alternatives. Secoya Seed Company utilizes next-level technology and ancient wisdom to breed high-value plants for responsible farmers in a visionary environment, helping them feel empowered to participate in the abundance, preservation, and diversity of life.

 We are focused on providing viable stabilized and feminized hemp seed across a variety of microclimates starting in North Carolina. Working with a dedicated team of plant genomic pioneers and agricultural experts, we are implementing a rapid-cycle breeding program with leading technologies that will bring at least one novel stabilized hybrid strain to the market by Spring 2020. 

In a committed effort toward sustainable agriculture, we are infusing our hemp acreage with a variety of progressive, organic agriculture practices including no-till farming, diverse cover cropping techniques, sheet mulching, and permaculture plant guild installations. Secoya Seed Company strongly believes in the foundation of healthy soil and biological diversity for thriving, fruitful fields. We are creating a free educational platform through various media avenues in hopes to change the landscape of conventional, mono-cropped agriculture through a paradigm shifting industrial hemp model.