Mountain Magnolia Farms


Nestled in the Appalachian hills, Mountain Magnolia Farms is the bellwether of our highest quality genotype library and cultivars. Our primary focus is stewarding the healthiest hemp varieties that thrive in this diverse bioregion. Through organic and biodynamic polyculture cultivation, we are confident that the strains grown in our fertile fields yield the most viable seeds on the east coast. 

100% Organic

In a committed effort toward sustainable agriculture, we are infusing our hemp acreage with a variety of progressive, organic agriculture practices including no-till farming, diverse cover cropping techniques, sheet mulching, and permaculture plant guild installations. Secoya Seed Company believes strong in the foundation of healthy soil for thriving, fruitful fields. We are in the process of creating a free educational platform through various media avenues in hopes to change the landscape of conventional, mono-cropped agriculture through a paradigm shifting industrial hemp model.  Stay tuned!

Our Growers