Giving Back

At our core is a strong commitment to preserving the health and wealth of our abundant planet and that’s why we’ve partnered with the indigenous peoples of the most biodiverse region of the Amazon Rainforest. The Seikopai nation (also known as the Secoya) are facing deforestation around their current territory in the Ecuadorian Amazon. The Secoya are one of the four tribes that came together to create the Ceibo Alliance, and are working together to preserve the rainforest, their ancient cultural traditions, and extensive knowledge of medicinal plants. The continued efforts of collecting native plants and creating a germplasm is enabling them to preserve the rich biodiversity found across their territory, and share their vast understanding of these native medicinals for future generations. Secoya Seed Company is committed to giving 3% of every sale toward these noble efforts. Through this strategic collaboration, we can help ensure that a sustainable future for both environmental and cultural diversity continues to thrive in our collective.  



In a quickly changing world, the indigenous people of four nationalities in the Ecuadorian Amazon - A'i Kofan, Seikopai, Siona, and Waorani – have united in recognition that their survival depends on the relationship they maintain with the jungle and the ancient wisdom transmission of their ancestors. Enduring the devastation of water contamination by oil exploitation and the forests being cut down and dried out due to oil palm planting, the Ceibo Alliance is fighting against pressures imposed by the outside world to preserve their language and culture that is being lost every day. 

Amazon Frontlines

Amazon Frontlines was launched in 2011 when leaders of the Kofan, Secoya, Siona, and Waorani people were approached for guidance on the most effective way to mitigate the struggles of indigenous peoples. Consisting of a diverse international group of human rights lawyers, environmental activists, forestry specialists, environmental health scientists, filmmakers, journalists, anthropologists, and farmers, this inspired collective is defending the cultural survival and rights to the land of the native Amazonian people of which the western civilization they were raised in is quickly destroying.