Senate Committee Approves Funding for National Hemp Seed Database

After the nation's industrial hemp germplasm was destroyed by the federal government in the 1980s, researchers lost access to publicly available native seeds for plant breeding purposes. Farmers across the country that are taking the plunge into the cultivation of industrial hemp have no other alternative than to use strains from other countries and unstable genetics developed in the dry seasonal climate of western United States. Through progressive efforts on behalf of the Senate Appropriations Committee, plans for an industrial hemp seed bank are being spearheaded by a branch of the Department of Agriculture. Included in this bill are outlines for states to conduct industrial hemp research without intervention from the federal government. Hemp Magazine called on our own Director of Agriculture, Adrian Saliu to further emphasize the importance of hemp research in the US. 

Adrian believes that cannabis has the ability to quickly adapt to different climates and growing conditions, which makes it an ideal crop for cultivation all over the world.  He envisions the creation of a cannabis germplasm repository as evolving cannabis strains develop with the boom in its nationwide cultivation. Using no-till organic farming practices, Adrian’s efforts are currently focused on the importance of research obtained in having diversity plots that are conducted in as many locations as possible.

“The more that we have research plots or diversity plots and seed being stored in the seed bank of all these different variations of the hemp plant, the more benefit will see in the long run.” – Adrian Saliu

"Adrian Saliu has been growing cannabis for eight years, starting with medical marijuana strains in Colorado. After being diagnosed with stage three Hodgkin’s lymphoma at the age of 23, he incorporated cannabis into his healing regimen and has been cancer-free for eight years. Saliu is the now head grower at Mountain Magnolia Farms, a licensed hemp research farm in Mills River, North Carolina. He agrees that a federal hemp seed bank would be a benefit to farmers and researchers, noting that in the beginning his company had difficulty obtaining quality seed. Mountain Magnolia Farms now helps others learn to grow the crop and plans to provide seed to farmers starting next year."

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